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Stock No.BCNR33-V-SPEC/最終モデル/ライトチューン


95310 km


The car is tightly strengthened even in the light tuning, and it becomes the boost UP specification which was set to the current car at APEX POWER FC for intake / exhaust relation, drive, cooling.
Intake and underbody drive and control relation etc are installed in new article in 29 years, and about 2000 KM after installation is many preeminent conditions for new parts.
It is a very beautiful recommended vehicle such as interior and exterior as well as interior and exterior.

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Vehicle Information
☆ Maintenance record ☆
Jan 1999 - initial inspection
May 2001 - 4198 km
May 2003 - 54781 km
Jun 2011 - 71872 km
May 2013 - 73975 km
Jun 2015 - 79200 km (car verification)
Jun 2017 - 93700 km (car verification)

★ ★ ☆ Modification details ☆ ★ ☆

☆ Engine relation ☆
Body normal

☆ Cooling relation ☆
TRUST WIDE Three-layer intercooler
TRUST intercooler aluminum piping

☆ Intake & exhaust relation ☆
APEXi Power Intake Air Cleaner
ZEES Project Front pipe 76Φ × 2 → 90 Φ
SARD Sports Catalyzer
VeilSide Type III Stainless Muffler

☆ Drive and suspension relationship ☆
ATS Carbon Twin Plate Clutch
BLITZ ZZR car harmony

☆ Brake relation ☆
Genuine BREMBO caliper
ENDLESS Front and rear brake pads

☆ Electrical Equipment ☆
ULTRA Speed &#8203;&#8203;Monitor
BLITZ Boost Total
TRUST turbo timer

☆ Controller & CPU ☆
BLITZ SBC-ID Boost Controller
APEXi power FC
APEXi FC Commander

☆ Exterior relation ☆
N1 Front Hood Top Mall
N1 front bumper duct
OP rear mat guard
NISMO carbon pillar garnish
NISMO carbon style wing flap cover
Carbon rear wing flap
VOLK RACING SE 37 SL 9.5 J × 18 + 11 Wheel

☆ Interior relation ☆
Panasonic CN-R500D HDD navigation &#183; digital terrestrial camera &#183; B camera
Panasonic ETC
Genuine OP Carrozzeria front door speaker
Genuine OP Carrozzeria rear speaker
Genuine OP Carrozzeria front tweeter
Air conditioner panel console box move
RECARO semi-bucket seat (driver's seat & passenger's seat)
TRIAL GT-R Carbon scuff plate with logo