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Stock No.BCNR33-実走行6.6万KM/トータルチューン/400PS


66463 km


Rare real vehicle! BCNR33 Skyline GT-R Halteck ECU current car setting 400PS vehicle.
After purchasing a 57000KM vehicle with no actual running / restoration history at a contractor auction in 2012
It is a car that has been carried out exactly such as maintenance and specification changes.
After purchase, replace the fuel-related hoses, replace the engine body belts and gaskets, OIL pan baffles, mounts, etc. and replace the clutch with a reinforced product at the same time, and set the current car with the Halteck plug-in ECU It has also been made and is very easy to ride.

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Vehicle Information
☆ ★ ☆ Details of remodeling ☆ ★ ☆

Engine maintenance (July 2015)
・ NISMO OIL Pan Baffle Plate
・ NISMO fuel pump
・ Nissan genuine air flow meter new exchange
-NISMO reinforced engine mount
・ NISMO Strengthening Mission Mount
・ Water pump & tie bell relation exchange
All engine hose fuel hose replacement (October 2017)
・ All engine cam cover packing replacement
DENSO Iridium plug (July 2018)

☆ Cooling related ☆
TRUST Aluminum radiator
TRUST 3-layer intercooler
TRUST Intercooler Piping KIT
TRUST element movable OIL cooler
Radiator hose upper and lower exchange (October 2017)
-Fan coupling assembly for BNR34
Carbon food panels

☆ Intake and exhaust related ☆
TRUST Air Inks Air Cleaner
APEX front pipe
SARD Metal Catalyzer
TOMEI TI muffler

☆ Drive and undercarriage relation ☆
NISMO Copper Mix Clutch KIT
PCR full length type harmonic drive kit
Adjustable front pillow tension rod

☆ Brake related ☆
NISMO Fr brake rotor
DIXCEL Rr brake rotor
ENDLESS Brake pad

☆ Controller & CPU ☆
BLITZ SBC ID Sequential Boost Controller
BLITZ SBC ID Power Meter
Halteck Platinum PRO ECU current car setting
HKS electronic traction controller

☆ Exterior related ☆
Large front lip spoiler for late use
Genuine OP Rear mat guard
HASEMI carbon garni flap
NISMO carbon-style flap cover

☆ Foil & Tire ☆
VOLK RACING GT-C 10.5J × 18 + 11 foil
POTENZA RE11 265-35-18

☆ Interior relations ☆
ECLIPSE HDD navigation
BLITZ full auto turbo timer