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Stock No.GDB-300 units limited RA-R/Tomei 2.2L & GT2835 turbine/400PS

☆Limited to 300 Imp SPEC-C RA-R! TOMEI2.2L & GT2835 & front and rear BK400PS

60,671 KM


The car I would like to introduce this time is Super SPL! Introducing the rare Impreza STI SPEC C TYPE RA-R vehicle.
The car is a model that is rarer than the S204 among GDB limited vehicles and has further improved performance.
Based on a limited edition of 300 units, this is an introduction to a very high-quality car with a complete TOMEI 2.2L engine, HKS turbine, cooling system, undercarriage, drive system, arm system, brakes, etc.
Based on a model with high rarity so far! I think that there are also people who think that
It seems that the RA-R was used as a base to realize the owner's strong commitment.
It has an uncompromising finish and is so wonderful that there is nothing more to do.

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Vehicle Information
◇◆◇ Car Details & Other Details ◇◆◇

□ ☆★☆ vehicle details ☆★☆ □

Year: 2007
A car name: Impreza WRX
Grade: STI spec C type RA-R
Mileage: 60671km
Vehicle inspection: April 2016
Repair date: none
Color: White
Limited to 300 units (details: http://www.sti.jp/ra-r/)
Warranty, record book, manual, genuine keyless, spare key
With HDD navigation, terrestrial digital broadcasting, ETC

□ ☆★☆ maintenance history ☆★☆ □

☆ inspection maintenance record ☆
March 2007 1010km Kanagawa Subaru
July 2007 6605km Kanagawa Subaru recall implemented
September 2007 8965km Kanagawa Subaru
November 2007 14085km Kanagawa Subaru
April 2008 17148km Kanagawa Subaru
March 2009 26299km Kanagawa Subaru
June 2009 Distance not entered Kanagawa Subaru
December 2009 33992km Kanagawa Subaru recall implemented
February 2010 36100km Crossroad Oyama
August 2011 40982km Crossroad Oyama
October 2011 43100km Kanagawa Subaru recall implemented
February 2012 45476km Crossroad Oyama
March 2013 52034km Crossroad Oyama
March 2014 56747km Crossroad Oyama
October 2015 59859km Fukuoka Subaru recall implemented

□ ☆★☆Modification Details☆★☆ □

☆ engine relation ☆
TOMEI GENESIS LONG BLOCK 2.2L complete engine 40903km certified
Bore x stroke Φ92.5 x 79.0mm
Displacement 2123cc
Compression ratio 8.1
・Forged 92.5mm piston
・Forged H cross section 103.5mm connecting rod
・Forged reinforced full counter crankshaft 79mm
・PROCAM IN250・9.6 EX256・9.8 Camshaft
・Metal head gasket
・1mm oversize valve
・Reinforced valve spring compatible with high lift
・Titanium valve spring retainer
・SPCC valve spring seat
・Phosphor bronze valve guide
・ Stud type reinforced head bolt
・ Reinforced timing belt
・Machined aluminum timing belt guide
・Competition main bearing
・Competition connecting rod bearing
・ Reinforced main bolt
・Baffle stiffener Oil pan baffle plate
HKS SQV blow-off valve
STI Group N reinforced engine mount
LAILE Reinforced pitching stopper
One-off oil catch tank

☆ Turbine related ☆
HKS GT2835 turbine kit H23/8 40982km
HKS reinforced actuator
TOMEI EXPREME exhaust manifold

☆ fuel related ☆
POWER ENTERPRISE 650cc fuel injector
TOMEI POWERED fuel regulator
TOMEI POWERED 255L/H fuel pump

☆ Cooling ☆
HKS type S front intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
SET RAB oil cooler
CROSS LOAD Aluminum 2-layer radiator
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
Change from stock engine oil cooler to MT oil cooler

☆ Intake & Exhaust related ☆
HKS racing suction reloaded
&#183;air cleaner
・Suction pipe
HKS metal catalyzer front pipe
HKS high power spec R full titanium muffler

☆ Suspension relation ☆
TEIN SUPER RACING harmonic drive
(FSW S tire spec/TEIN Nurburgring circuit spec same spec)
SWIFT spring front 16k rear 14k
STI stabilizer
STI trading arm
STI lateral link

☆ Chassis related ☆
OKUYAMA DASH dash penetration 6-point roll gauge + side bar
Engine pitching mount body side TIG welding reinforcement
STI support front kit
Marche Super Sujigane-kun

☆ drive relation ☆
Genuine rebuilt mission 52034 km
EXEDY carbon D twin plate clutch
EXEDY lightweight flywheel
Cusco Front LSD
STI enhanced mission mount
AVO reinforced mission member bush
LAILE Reinforced lift linkage bush

☆ brake relation ☆
ENDLESS 6POT front brake caliper
ENDLESS Φ345 front brake rotor
ENDLESS RACING4 rear brake caliper
ENDLESS Φ332 rear brake rotor
ENDLESS CC-Rg brake pad
ENDLESS Stainless mesh brake hose

☆ wheel & tire relation ☆
PRODRIVE GC06H 18 inch wheels
Federal SS595 245/40-18 tires

☆ Electrical related ☆
HKS EVC5 boost controller
DEFI additional meter
・Link display
・Boost gauge
・Water temperature gauge
・Hydraulic gauge
・Fuel pressure gauge
PLX AF meter
F&O SYSTEM LAPSHOT III lap measuring instrument

☆exterior relations☆
CHARGE SPEED carbon lip spoiler
CHARGE SPEED carbon bonnet
CARBING Front and rear tow hooks

☆Interior relations☆
RECARO SP-G bucket seat
STI shift knob
SECURON 6-point harness (driver's side)
DEFI triple meter hood
Clarion HDD navigation/terrestrial digital/DVD/CD MAX960HD