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Stock No.WGNC34-260RS Autech Ver/Jing tuning/MotecM600 control Actual measurement 448.3PS

☆Rare! WGNC34! 2000 late model 260RS Autech Version! Jing maintenance refresh & tuning! Motec M600! Actual measurement uncorrected dyno 448.3PS

260RS Autech version
90,022 KM 
Pearl White


The car we would like to introduce to you this time is in excellent condition after being maintained, refreshed and tuned by the prestigious Jing!
Motec M600! Actual measurement dyno 448.3PS, intense high response and excellent perfection vehicle is now in stock.
It was constructed in 2020 complete with specifications and details.
This is a late model Stagea 260RS Autech Ver vehicle with outstanding interior and exterior as well as engine.
At the same time as engine-related maintenance and refresh tuning, this car has been completely tuned, including body coating, Cerakote wheels, suspension, driveline, cooling and braking.
It is extremely easy to ride, has high response and has an outstanding specification that shows the high level of Mr. Maeda's setting technology such as light running and acceleration feeling that you would not think is a normal turbine.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 2000, late model
Car name: Stagea
Grade: 260RS Autech Ver
Color: Pearl white
Mileage: 90,22KM July 2007 Dolphin 300KM meter replaced at 60,003 KM Recorded Current meter 3,0019 KM
No repair history
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main keyless key, spare key, GT-R key

Maintenance related
August 12, 2000 1,467 KM
November 11, 2000 5,603 KM
July 14, 2003 40,636 KM
July 9, 2005 50,686 KM
July 22, 2007 60,003 KM Meter replacement
July 5, 2009 67,882 KM Current meter 7,879 KM
July 23, 2011 72,632 KM Current meter 12,629 KM
July 13, 2013 75,138 KM Current meter 15,135 KM
June 28, 2015 76,106 KM Current meter 16,103 KM
July 23, 2017 76,802 KM Current meter 16,799 KM
July 27, 2019 77,159 KM Current meter 17,156 KM
December 26, 2019 77,321 KM Current meter 17,318 KM
August 19, 2021 85,668 KM Current meter 25,665 KM

Engine related
May 2020: Maintenance and tuning carried out at J-ing
Dyno coefficient 1.0 448.3PS 48.3kg
Head related
Timing belt replacement
Valve adjustment shim adjustment 24 places adjustment
Valve timing adjustment
Valve spring replacement
Cam oil seal replacement
Tappet cover gasket replacement
Tappet cover grommet replacement
La car plug replacement
Crank angle sensor grommet replacement
Plain washer replacement
Tensioner pulley replacement
Adjust pulley replacement
Crank angle sensor replacement
Engine internal cleaning
R.S.E APEC-S IN/EX 254° 9.15mm camshaft
REIMAX valve spring
HKS slide cam sprocket
HKS reinforced timing belt
Water pump replacement
Jing Original Okada Plasma Direct Voltage Up Coil
Jing original head cover powder coat painting
Collector tank Cerakote
REINIK center ornament
NGK RACING plug #8

Throttle related
Intake manifold tank removal and hose replacement
AAC gasket replacement
Throttle switch replacement
Water temperature sensor replacement
Throttle molybdenum coating
Throttle seal replacement
Collector tank
RSE intake manifold metal gasket
RSE metal throttle gasket

Turbine related
HKS reinforced actuator

Intake and exhaust related
APEXi power intake air cleaner
NISMO Inlet Pipe SET
HKS Air flowless adapter
REIMAX front pipe (Ceracoat applied)
HKS metal catalyzer
REIMAX W stainless steel muffler

Fuel related
Injector insulator replacement
NISMO adjustable fuel regulator
TOPSECRET R35 Injector Conversion KIT
R35 fuel injector
TOMEI fuel pump relay
Fuel filter replacement
Fuel hose replacement

Cooling related
Complete replacement of water hoses and pipes
Radiator hose upper & lower replacement
Water inlet pipe replacement
Water outlet pipe replacement
Water pipe assembly replacement
Water hose connector replacement
Heater hose replacement
NISMO intercooler piping
NISMO intercooler

Driveline and suspension related
NISMO Copper MIX clutch twin
SPILIT car height kit

Body related
CUSCO rear tower bar

Brake related
CUSCO brake master cylinder stopper
PAGID front and rear brake pads

Electrical equipment
OPTIMA red top battery

Controller & CPU
Motec wiring processing
Front pipe sensor installation
Crank angle sensor plate installation
Boost solenoid installation
Pump relay harness production
Motec M600 Standard
M600 Single Lambda Option
M600 1MB logger option
M800/84 Harness & Sensor SET
Wideband LSU lambda sensor 6 poles
Vehicle conversion harness
Motec DHB fuel pump controller
ECU rewriting dyno pack current car setting

Instrument related
Dolphin 300KM full scale meter replacement record included
HKS boost meter

Exterior related
Autech version exclusive Aero KIT
Front bumper duct for N1

Tires & wheels
BNR34GT-R genuine aluminum wheel (cerakote/ceramic clear)

Interior related
NISMO Duracon GT shift knob
KARO floor mat