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Stock No.NA1-Actual mileage 82,000 KM/5 speed/TYPE-R parts Lots of maintenance history

☆Ultimate Honda NSX 5 speed! No repair history! Stored indoors! 82,000 km actual mileage! TYPE-R parts! Maintenance notebook, instruction manual, warranty manual, titanium key & keyless

82,029 KM
Formula Red


The car we will introduce this time is a super rare car with genuine mileage and no repair history! Complete with record books and many maintenance histories!
Introducing a Honda NSX 5-speed M/T vehicle in excellent condition.
The car was a one-owner vehicle from when it was new until 2018 and since then it has been carefully owned by the caring owner. The specifications have been carefully selected using genuine NSX-R parts for the suspension, driveline, etc. This is a highly recommended vehicle that has had NSX-R parts such as the interior replaced.
There is a lot of maintenance history from the new car to 2020 including in 2019, the timing belt related to 4 years interval, air conditioner retrofit installation, etc. It is a recommended vehicle with outstanding total condition such as interior and exterior as well as the engine.

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Vehicle Information
Year: April 1991
Car name: NSX
Grade: Standard
Color: Formula Red
Mileage: 82,029 KM
No repair history
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, titanium key, and keyless.
Spare key x 2, keyless available

March 6, 2022 Panthera Z705 & acrylic scanner installed

Maintenance history
June 8, 1991 760 KM
October 18, 1991 2,174 KM
March 28, 1993 8,192 KM
March 25, 1994 12,558 KM
April 17, 1995 17,289 KM
March 30, 1998 28,016 KM
April 8, 2000 33,184 KM
April 5, 2002 37,765 KM
April 3, 2004 43,401 KM
April 13, 2006 48,228 KM
March 15, 2008 51,245 KM
March 26, 2010 55,686 KM
February 18, 2012 59,700 KM
March 15, 2014 63,869 KM
March 12, 2016 67,201 KM
March 19, 2018 69,944 KM
↑ 1 owner vehicle so far
November 2, 2019 72,111KM Timing belt replacement at Honda Cars
April 8, 2020 74,199 KM
November 11, 2022 79,715 KM
August 5, 2022 Air conditioner R134a retrofit construction
October 11, 2022 O2 sensor front & rear replacement

Engine related
Body normal
NSX-R genuine engine maintenance lid

Intake and exhaust related
SPOON stainless steel rear muffler

Driveline and suspension related
NSX-R genuine suspension
NSX-R genuine rear differential & final gear set

Exterior related
Late NSX genuine front lip spoiler
October 11, 2022 Weather Trip left and right replaced with new products

Wheels & tires
BBS LM F1 Champion Edition Front 17X7.5J +38 Rear 18X9.5J +42
POTENZA S007A Front 215/40R17 Rear 265/35R18 Replaced in 2022

Interior related
NSX-R genuine titanium shift knob
NSX-R genuine steering
NSX-R genuine shift panel
Carbon transfer center panel