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Stock No.BNR32-HKS2.8Lエンジン/GT-SSタービン/500PS


76148 km


1994 model final type BNR32 Skyline GT-R Excellent condition! Own management user vehicle 500PS! It will be an introduction of the car.
The car is a very beautiful car, such as the engine, as well as the exterior and bottom, and the interior,
After tuning, there is no hard driving at less than about 20,000 KM, and it is a car that you can enjoy from city riding to sports driving.

(Mileage: 76148 km but meter reads 71481km (Nismometer) + genuine 5000km at time of exchange

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Vehicle Information
☆ Engine related ☆
TOMEI combination metal head gasket
TOMEI pom cam type R
HKS slide cam pulley
HKS reinforced timing belt
HKS special piping kit

☆ Turbine related ☆
HKS GT-SS Twin Turbine
TOMEI EXPREME Exhaust manifold
HPI Turbine outlet

☆ Fuel related ☆
NISMO 555cc injector
TRUST fuel delivery line
NISMO Fuel pressure regulator
NISMO large capacity fuel pump

☆ Cooling relationship ☆
HKS 3-layer GT intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
HKS oil cooler element moving type
KOYO 3 layer type aluminum radiator
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
SAMCO silicon heater hose
NISMO Radiator cap
ARC titanium radiator hood panel

☆ Intake & Exhaust relationship ☆
HKS Super Power Flow
HKS air flowless adapter
AUTO SELECT isometric front pipe
SARD metal catalyzer
TRUST TI-R full titanium muffler

☆ Suspension related ☆
OHLINES DFV car harmonics
Pillow ball tension rod
NISMO Front upper link
NISMO Rear A arm
Before NISMO Rear upper link
After NISMO Rear upper link
Rear member rigid color

☆ Chassis related ☆
CHARGE SPEED front tower bar

☆ Driving relationship ☆
ATS carbon twin plate clutch
ATS Lightweight Flywheel

☆ Brake related ☆
ALCON 4POT front caliper
ALCON 355Φ Front brake rotor
BREMBO BNR34 GT-R Rear genuine caliper
V36 350Φ Original rear brake rotor
BNR34 GT-R brake master cylinder

☆ Wheels & Tires ☆
RAYS VOLK TE37 17 inches 9J + 22 wheels
POTENZA RE-01R 255 / 40-17 Tire

☆ Electrical components ☆
HKS F-CON V-PRO Current car setting computer
HKS EVC-EZ Boost Controller
NISMO 320km white full scale meter
NISMO 3 stations white meter
TRUST additional meter
・ Boost meter
・ Water temperature gauge
&#183; Hydraulic pressure gauge
Genuine meter LED

☆ Exterior related ☆
NISMO bumper duct
NISMO Bonnet Top Mall
NISMO side sill protector
NISMO rear spoiler
Genuine option Rear under aero
BNR32 N1 genuine headlight
One off LED tail light
One-off LED backlight

☆ Interior related ☆
MOMO steering wheel
NISMO floor mat
NISMO GT shift knob
SUPERIOR Drink holder
RECARO SR3 driver's seat
RECARO SR3 passenger seat
Carbon print panel
・ Meter panel
・ Audio panel
・ P / W switch x 2
ALPINE Speaker