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Stock No.BNR32-JUN2.7L&T517Zタービン/前後APブレーキ/600PSオーバー


57865 km
Dark Metallic Gray


The car we will introduce this time,
A very powerful vehicle from top to bottom.
T517Z 10CM turbos and JUN Super Pistons with I cross section connecting rods, this engine delivers power all through the RPM range, tuned to 600 PS.
This vehicle can perform safely thanks to the upgraded suspension, chassis, front and rear brakes and LSD, all certified for circuit use.
Despite all of the tuning, this car runs great even on cold mornings, and is balanced enough for city driving.

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Vehicle Information
☆ engine *
(engine rebuilt after 20,000km)
JUN Super Piston COSWORTH (87mm forged pistons)
JUN I-section forged connecting rods
JUN forging fully balanced crankshaft
N1 24U engine block
&#183; Engine block with boring & honing
&#183; Surface polishing 0.07 mm
ATI crank damper pulley
TOMEI metal headgasket
Intake and exhaust port polishing
Combustion chamber hemispherical machining
Cylinder heads modified surface by 0.03 mm
Cylinder head bolts
APEX phosphor bronze valve guides
APEX Intake/Exhaust camshafts
APEX GT Lube spring
APEX adjustable cam gear
HKS reinforced timing belt
HKS large capacity oil pump
NISMO oil pan baffle plate
N1 water pump
TRUST oil catch tank
POWER ENTERPRISE reinforced V belt

☆ turbine ☆
TRUST T 517 Z 10 cm twin turbine
TOMEI exhaust manifold
HPI turbine outlet

☆ fuel relation ☆
SARD 600 cc injector
TRUST fuel lines
SARD fuel regulator
SARD fuel tank
NISMO fuel pump x 2

☆ cooling ☆
ARC intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
BLITZ oil cooler
HKS PS oil cooler
APEX aluminum radiator
APEX radiator cap
SAMCO silicon radiator hoses

☆ intake & exhaust ☆
APEX air cleaner
Z 32 air flow meter x 2
TRUST intake pipe
ARC Front pipe
Titan Front Pipe KAKIMOTO Muffler

☆ Suspension Relationship ☆
APEX N1 Dampers
CUSCO Pillow ball Tension rods
IKEYA FORMULA Negative upper link
KANSAI SERVICE Long tie rod end
IKEYA FORMULA Rear camber adjuster arm
IKEYA FORMULA traction adjuster rod
MOONFACE Rear roll center adjuster
rear lower arm pillow replacement
rear suspension attachment knuckle pillow replacement
HICAS removed

☆ chassis ☆
AS Gashiri support
CUSCO front tower bar
CUSCO rear tower bar
CUSCO 8 point type roll cage

☆ drive ☆
NISMO copper mix twin plate clutch
NISMO light weight flywheel
R33 late model rebuilt transmission (10,000km on transmission)

☆ brake relation ☆
AP RACING CP 5555 6 piston front calipers
GARLAND 355mm front brake rotors
AP RACING CP 5111 2 piston rear brake calipers
GARLAND 330mm rear brake rotors
stainless steel mesh brake hoses
R33 GT-R brake master cylinder

☆ Wheel & tire relation ☆
ADVAN RACING GT 18 inch 10.5 J + 15
HANKOOK VENTUS TD 285/30 - 18 tire

☆ electrical connection ☆
BLITZ DUAL - SBC boost controller
DEFI boost gauge &#183; Fuel pressure gauge
TRUST Water temperature gauge &#183; Oil temperature gauge &#183; Oil pressure gauge &#183; Exhaust temperature
HKS circuit attack counter
NTK A/F meter
300 km speed meter (104405 km at time of replacement &#183; second-hand meter)

☆ exterior ☆
NISMO bumper duct
KANSAI SERVICE Front carbon diffuser
NISMO side window sill protectors
NISMO type carbon rear spoiler

☆ Interior ☆
RECARO SP-G full bucket seat
MOMO RACE Steering Wheel
NISMO Duracon shift knob
NISMO floor mat
R33 GT-R option Carbon side brake lever
R35 emblem