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Stock No. BNR32-V-SPEC/MIDORI整備チューン/実走行5.4万KM


 54828 km (26772 km NISMO meter)


 Accident-free, original R32 V-Spec with tons of mods and genuine NISMO parts.&nbsp; This V-Spec is in excellent condition and only 54,000 km.&nbsp; Following a philosophy of street-performance, this R32 is very comfortable without the harshness usually associated with track-setups.
Only 1000 km since many components and major maintenance have been taken care of so you can expect reliability and performance.&nbsp; Some of the recent maintenance include: timing belt, tensioners, idlers, water pumps, complete water pipes, water hoses (some SAMCO used), air hoses, vacuum hoses (SAMCO), crankshaft seals, head gasket, parts, sensors, etc.
O2 sensor replacement &middot; TOMEI cam mounting &middot; exhaust manifold &middot; outlet &middot; clutch &middot; transmission and transfer case &middot; GT-SS turbine mounting &middot; fuel related &middot; pump &middot; injectors &middot; regulator &middot; R35 air flow change set &middot; MIDORI tuning and parts exceeding approximately 1.5 million yen, all brand new.

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Vehicle Information
 ☆&nbsp;Engine ☆
TOMEI Adjustable Cam Gears
N1 water pump
OKADAPROJECT Plasma direct-coil ignition
BNR34 engine cover emblem
NISMO oil filler cap
MIDORI water pump pulley
Head cover - red crystal paint
Oil catch tank
NISMO engine mounts

☆&nbsp;Turbine ☆
HKS GT-SS Turbine Kit
HKS upgraded actuator
☆&nbsp;Intake and exhaust ☆
BMC AIR filter
R35 genuine Air flow meter
MINORI R35 Air Flow Adapter (Black Crystal Coating)
SAMCO Silicon Turbo Hose KIT
Genuine exhaust manifold internal diameter porting
Turbine outlet for BNR34
MIDORI titanium front pipe
HKS catalyzer
MIDORI titanium muffler
☆&nbsp;Cooling ☆
CALSONIC aluminum two-layer radiator
SAMCO heater hose SET
SAMCO radiator hose KIT
NISMO intercooler
HKS S-TYPE oil cooler KIT
☆&nbsp;Fuel ☆
NISMO Fuel pressure regulator
Fuel rail for MIDORI R35KIT
MIDORI R35 - 550 cc injectors
SARD fuel pump
☆&nbsp;Suspension ☆
Front member for BNR34
Steering rack for BNR34
Knuckle arm for BNR 34
NISMO Steering gear bushings
NITRON FORCE 2WAY suspension kit
MIDORI upper arms
MIDORI transverse link set
MIDORI rear multi link kit
MIDORI high castless rod
MIDORI rear member
NISMO Long hub bolt SET (front and back)
☆&nbsp;Drivetrain ☆
Auto Gallery Yokohama SS 690 Transmission
MIDORI reinforced transfercase
ATS carbon twin clutch
ATS Carbon LSD (front)
ATS carbon LSD (rear)
MIDORI clutch cylinder
NISMO Direct Stainless Mesh Clutch Hose
☆&nbsp;Body ☆
Kansai Service Refresh Bar (roll cage)
MIDORI aluminum tower bar
MIDORI floor bar
MIDORI rear aluminum tower bar
☆&nbsp;Brakes ☆
BNR34 genuine Front BREMBO calipers
GLOBAL V36 350mm rotor KIT
BNR34 genuine Rear BREMBO calipers
GLOBAL V36 350mm Big rotor KIT
NISMO S-TUNE brake pads
NISMO Stainless mesh hoses
MIDORI brake ducts
☆&nbsp;Wheels & Tires ☆
RAYS VOLK RACING TE37 9.5J × 17 + 28 wheels
DUNLOP DIREZZA Z1 255/40/17 tires
☆&nbsp;Controller & CPU ☆
HKS EVC5 Boost Controller
MIDORI high power ECU present (R35 air flow specification)
MIDORI digital G sensor (high performance specification)
☆&nbsp;Instruments and Gauges ☆
NISMO 320km combination gauges (with change records)
Defi link display (water temperature gauge & hydraulic pressure gauge)
Defi boost gauge
HKS Circuit Attack Counter
☆&nbsp;Exterior ☆
NISMO Front bumper duct
NISMO Front Hood top
NISMO side skirts
NISMO rear spoiler
Coolverre windshield
Front Diffuser
☆&nbsp;Interior ☆
V-SPEC2 genuine pedal set
Personal 36mm handle
NISMO shift knob
Carbon meter hood panel
Carbon cluster lid
Nissan original CD audio