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Stock No.BNR32-V-SPECガレージ伊藤製作屋内保管!制作後2.5万KM!2.7L498PS


58000 km


A well-cared for R32, stored at an indoor facility when not in use, the overall condition is superb right down to the original interior with no fading. Built by the prestigious Garage Ito, it hasn't been driven hard since being built and tuned to nearly 500hp not even 25,000 km ago!

Even with the healthy dose of modifications, the chassis and exterior remain in great shape, and being V-Spec and having 2.7L upgrades, is a rare find!

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Vehicle Information
Fully equipped with main key and spare key
Keyless Entry

☆ ★ ☆ Upgrade Details ☆ ★ ☆

☆ Engine ☆
Full overhaul & 2.7L implementation at garage Ito
APEXi GT87Ф forged piston
Block TODA RACING dummy head boring
TOMEI orifice
Crank bending correction and lapping
Crank Flywheel integrated balance
HKS Reinforced parent and child metal
Het TODA RACING surface grinding and IN / EX port machining valve guide replacement
Set of port processing, valve polishing & grinding, sheet cut processing
APEXi GT STEP2 Camshaft IN / EX254-10.6
APEXi slide pulley
APEXi GT valve spring
Genuine timing belt
HKS reinforced head bolt
TRUST slide cam sprocket
APEXi 88-1.5 Het Metal Gasket
JUN reinforced OIL pump
N1 specification water pump
TRUST large-capacity OIL pan
TOMEI throttle metal gasket
Low temp thermostat
Water line bypass pipe production
NISMO reinforced engine mount

☆ Turbine ☆
BNR34 N1 turbine
HKS enhanced actuator

☆ Fuel ☆
NISMO fuel pump
NISMO 550cc fuel injector
NISMO Fuel Regulation Letter
TRUST fuel delivery pipe

☆ Intake and exhaust ☆
TRUST front pipe
SARD Metal Catalyzer
APEX N1 muffler
APEX ECV valve

☆ Cooling ☆
TRUST oil cooler (HKS element moving block)
HKS 3-layer intercooler
HKS Intercooler Piping SET
KOYO Gears copper 2-layer radiator

☆ Brake ☆
Genuine V-SPEC BREMBO caliper
Project μ F & R brake pad
EARL`S Stainless mesh brake line

☆ Drivetrain & undercarriage ☆
NISMO Copper MIX Twin Plate Clutch
NISMO Strengthening Pivot
HKS HIPER MAX4GT harmonic drive KIT
KAKIMOTO Fr upper arm
Auto Fine Pillow Tension Rod

☆ Body ☆
CUSCO Fr cylinder stopper tower bar & R tower bar

☆ Controller & CPU ☆
HKS EVC6iR boost controller
HKS V-PRO3.4 Current car setting

☆ Exterior ☆
NISMO N1 duct
FUJIMURA AUTO carbon lip spoiler
BBS LM 10J × 18 + 20
GOOG YEAR 245-40-18

☆ Interior ☆
NISMO floor mat
TRSUT boost meter
Carrozzeria CD audio