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Stock No.BNR32-最終モデル/NISMO大森フルメンテナンス車輌/566PS


108970 km


Final model R32 - Serviced at Omori Factory!

The ultimate R32, refreshed from top to bottom with new bushings and mounts, cooling and electrical system updates, and improvements to the drivetrain and engine control.

This particular R32 was refreshed and maintained at the Omori Factory.
There's a whole lot more listed below. This car's concept, during the build, was around city driving and keeping it comfortable and easy driving. The tuning is solid and ECU dialed in by Mr. Tanaka, of Tuning Shop DANDY, and fully delivers smooth and powerful performance following staying true to this concept.

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Vehicle Information
Includes: Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, manual, main key & spare key & original keyless entry

- Complete with engine installation and maintenance records
- 2 owner vehicle

☆ ★ ☆ Details of remodeling ☆ ★ ☆

☆ Engine ☆
BNR34 NUR engine installed (at 70160KM)
・ N1 piston
・ N1 24U engine cylinder block
・ N1 water pump
・ N1 water pump
Assembling before installation
・ TOMEI combination metal gasket SET (1.2mm)
・ TOMEI Oil Gallery Orifice
・ TOMEI Poncam Shaft IN / EX
・ TOMEI slide cam sprocket
NISMO OIL Pan Baffle Plate
Genuine Front LSD & Final Gear New
NISMO Reinforced Timing Belt
BILLION Low Temp Thermo
NISMO OIL Separator Tank

☆ Turbine ☆
NISMO Le Man turbine x 2
NI reinforced actuator

☆ Fuel ☆
NISMO fuel pump (at 97877KM)
Simultaneous assembly and refresh during construction
・ NISMO pressure regulation letter
・ NISMO 660 fuel injector
・ Fuel pump relay
-Fuel pump control module replacement
・ Fuel filter replacement
・ Fuel delivery pipe replacement

☆ Intake and exhaust ☆
NISMO front pipe
NISMO Metal Catalyzer
FUJITSUBO Super TI full titanium muffler
BLITZ SUSPOWER air cleaner
HKS 3-layer intercooler
HKS Intercooler Piping KIT
TRUST Racing blow-off valve

☆ Cooling ☆
HKS OIL cooler KIT (in the left bumper)
HKS 9-stage OIL cooler core added → in front of radiator
KOYO Brass 3-layer radiator
Aluminum air reservoir tank
SAMCO silicon hose
Genuine coupling fan and radiator shroud replacement (at 70160KM)

☆ Drivetrain ☆
Auto Gallery Yokohama SS690 transmission (standard specification) (at 99821KM)
NISMO Sports Clutch KIT (93137KM)
・ Lightweight flywheel
・ Copper MIX clutch disc
・ Release bearing
・ NISMO clutch line Full replacement from clutch master to booster
・ Front drive shaft left and right O / H

☆ Suspension & steering ☆
OHLINS harmonic drive complete KIT (O / H at 72000KM)
Genuine power steering gear linkage (link product)
Genuine power steering pump replacement (at 70160KM)
NISMO Steering Gear Mount Bush (70160KM)

☆ Bushings, mounts & chassis ☆
NISMO refresh maintenance maintenance construction vehicle (at 50054KM)
・ Rear LSD O / H & Initial torque 4.5kgf-m
-Rear suspension member replacement
・ NISMO rear axle bush replacement
・ NISMO rear axle S / AB bush replacement
・ NIMSO rear stabilizer bush replacement
・ Genuine Defmount Bush lower replacement
・ Genuine Defmount Insulator replacement
・ Pure diff mount bush upper replacement
・ Replace front stabilizer bush
・ Replace front stabilizer rod
・ Replace front knuckle
・ Replace from genuine steering gear bush to NISMO
Other oil type related exchanges
NISMO front tension rod (74431KM)
NISMO front upper link
NISMO third link
Genuine front ball joint replacement
Replace 6 genuine stabilizer connection rods
NISMO F & R reinforced stabilizer
Before NISMO rear upper link
After NISMO rear upper link
NISMO Rear A Arm Lower Arm
Genuine rear axle housing replacement
Genuine stabilizer connection rod replacement
Replacement of genuine new bolts, nuts, washers, etc.
NISMO engine mount
NISMO Mission Mount
NISMO F & R Tower Bar

☆ Brakes ☆
BREMBO F50 front caliper (82389KM)
DIXCEL 355Φ front brake rotor (changed specification change in July 2014)
BNR34 N1 Rear Brembo Caliper
BNR34 322ΦN1 rear brake rotor
NISMO Teflon mesh brake line

☆ Electrical ☆ (NISMO refresh electrical SET)
・ Ignition coil replacement
・ Crank angle sensor replacement
・ Power transistor replacement
・ Air flow meter replacement
・ O2 sensor replacement
・ AAC valve replacement
・ Throttle valve switch replacement
・ EGI sub-harness replacement
・ ECCS harness replacement
・ Injector harness replacement
・ Engine harness replacement
・ Earth harness replacement
Water hose & clamp & vacuum & clamp when simultaneous engine removal
Heater hose & clamp & brake booster hose & clutch booster hose
Power steering hose assembly & fuel hose & clamp all replaced
Alternator replacement (at 70163KM)

☆ Controller & CPU ☆
DANDY current car setting ECU
HKS EVC III boost controller
TRUST Water temperature gauge / Hydraulic gauge / Boost gauge
PIVOT Digital Taco Lamp
PIVOT speedometer

☆ Interior ☆
ALPINE HDD Navi Terrestrial Digital DVD
Nissan genuine ETC

☆ Exterior ☆
NISMO front bumper duct

☆ Wheel & tire ☆
NISMO LM GT-4 9J × 17 + 20