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Stock No.HNR32-オーテックVer/NISMOエンジン&シャーシリフレッシュ/フルメンテナンス車輌


Autech Version
107100 km
Yellowish Green Pearl Metallic


It is an introduction of the super rare car Skyline Autech VerR32.
The car is a reliable NISMO OMORI Factory rebuild, not a basic original flashy remodeling.
From the full overhaul of the engine, the chassis, drivetrain, brake, wiring and piping all received a total of about 3 million maintenance costs.
The interior and exterior are in excellent condition with the same conditions as the original release, including the special engine that was released as a racing engine at that time and the suspension that was specially developed.
Please take this opportunity to consider the modern version of the R32 Autech, such as S / S mark reproduction when the front bumper GTR changes.

For inquiries please call: +81-72-363-6666

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Vehicle Information
Includes: Autech version dedicated main key, GT-R key, spares (2)

☆ ★ ☆ NISMO Refresh Details ☆ ★ ☆

☆ Tuning parts ☆
BNR32 GT-R front bumper
BNR32 GT-R Front lip spoiler
BNR32 GT-R Nismo bumper duct
NISMO one-off muffler (genuine processed product)
RAYS VOLK RE30 17 inch wheel
PIRELLI P-ZERO 225 / 45-17 tires
CARROZZERIA HDD Easy Navigation DVD, CD, Terrestrial Digital

At 87680km at NISMO Omori Factory
・ Engine refresh - 1,000,000 yen
・ Chassis refresh - 1,930,000 yen

☆ Engine overhaul details ☆
... Replacement parts list ...
-Head gasket
-Cam seal IN / EX
-Valve stem seal IN / EX standard replacement
-Head cover gasket
-Piston ring standard replacement
-Retainer oil seal standard replacement
-Main pairing 1/3/4/7 exchange
-Crank pulley replacement for RB20DET
-Oil pump
-Front oil seal standard replacement
-Oil F bracket O-ring standard replacement
-Oil filter standard replacement
-Oil pressure switch
-Oil pressure switch gasket, standard replacement
-Oil strainer O-ring standard replacement
-Fuel chamber
-Fuel hose
-Fuel pressure regulator
-Air regulation letter
-AAC valve
-Waterline hoses
-Vacuum hose
-Crank angle sensor
-Crank angle sensor grommet
-Ignition coil harness
-Spark plug
-Knock sensor sub harness

... List of inspection and cleaning parts ...
-Cylinder head
-Cylinder head bolt
-Camshaft IN / EX special product for Autech version
-Cam pulley IN ・ EX
-Valve IN / EX
-Valve spring
-Valve spring retainer
-Valve spring lower seat
-Head cover
-Cylinder block
-Piston exclusive for Autech version
-Connecting rod
-Connecting rod bolts & nuts
-Connecting rod bearing
-Main bearing cap
-Rear retainer
-Crank pulley bolt
-Timing pulley
-Crank pulley plate
-Timing belt
-Timing belt tensioner
-Timing belt cover
-Oil filter bracket
-Oil pan
-Oil pan baffle plate
-Oil strainer
-water pump
-Water pump pulley
-Water IN / OUTLET
-Intake manifold & balance tube
-Slochan Accel Linkage
-Throttle sensor
-Injector for exclusive use of Autech version
-Exhaust manifold, exclusive for Autech version
-O2 sensor
-ignition coil
-Knock sensor
-Air flow meter
-Ornament cover
-In manifold collector tank, exclusive for Autech version
・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

☆ Chassis refresh work list ☆

◇ Mounting ◇
-Engine mount genuine replacement

◇ Powertrain ◇
-AT oil inspection
-AT cooler hose genuine replacement
-AT main unit inspection and cleaning
-Mission mount pad genuine exchange
-Propeller shaft FR inspection
-Propeller shaft RR inspection
-Drive shaft FR boot replacement / OH
-Driveshaft RR Boot exchange / OH
-FR differential oil VERUSPEED 80W-90 exchange
-FR differential oil seal, genuine replacement
-RR differential pinion bearing genuine replacement
-Pinion oil seal, genuine replacement
-RR differential side oil seal, genuine replacement
-Side bearing genuine replacement
-Carrier gasket genuine replacement
-RR differential oil VERUSPEED 80W-90 exchange
-ETS unit inspection
-ETS air bleeding and oil change
-Change transfer oil to NISMO
-ETS control unit inspection

◇ Axle ◇
FR hub inspection
RR hub inspection
FR hub bolt genuine replacement
RR hub bolt genuine replacement
FR oil seal genuine replacement
RR oil seal genuine replacement
High cast ball joint genuine replacement
FR hub bearing genuine replacement
FR baffle plate BNR32 genuine replacement
FR hub and brake caliper bolt hole machining (M12 → M14)

◇ Steering ◇
Power steering pump inspection
Gear mount bush genuine replacement
Power steering hose genuine exchange
Power steering fluid genuine exchange
Power steering rack boots genuine exchange
Tie rod genuine exchange

◇ Brake ◇
FR rotor ER34 genuine replacement
RR rotor genuine exchange
FR pad NISMO S-TUNE replacement
RR pad NISMO S-TUNE replacement
FR caliper ER34 genuine replacement
RR caliper disassembly / inspection / OH
Replace RR caliper seal
Master cylinder piston kit replacement
ABS inspection
Brake hose genuine replacement
Brake fluid NISMO replacement

◇ Suspension ◇
Tension rod genuine replacement
FR upper link genuine exchange
RR upper link Front side Genuine replacement
RR upper link Rear side Genuine replacement
RR A arm genuine replacement
RR suspension member genuine exchange
RR suspension member bush genuine exchange
RR axle bush genuine replacement
RR axle S / AB bush genuine replacement
FR third link ball joint genuine replacement
High cast socket genuine exchange
FR shock absorber genuine replacement
RR shock absorber GTS-4 genuine specification change exchange
FR Stabilizer bush genuine replacement
FR Stabilcon rod, genuine replacement
RR Stabilizer bush genuine replacement
Defmount upper genuine replacement
Defmount lower genuine replacement
Defmount insulator genuine exchange
S / AB FR Autech genuine replacement
S / AB RR inspection
S / AB bush upper, genuine replacement
S / AB Bush lower genuine replacement
FR bump rubber genuine exchange
FR dust cover genuine replacement
RR dust cover genuine replacement
FR spring inspection
RR spring inspection
FR seat rubber genuine replacement
RR seat rubber genuine replacement
High cast control unit inspection
Alignment adjustment

◇ Engine related ◇
Engine oil 5W-40 exchange
LLC genuine exchange
Radiator hose genuine replacement
Fuel strainer genuine exchange
Fuel hose genuine exchange
Power steering belt inspection
Compressor belt inspection
Front pipe muffler Autech genuine replacement
Catalyst BNR34 genuine replacement
Ignition timing BTDC 20 ° inspection
Control unit inspection
Air Cleaner Box Autech genuine replacement
Air flow meter genuine exchange
◇ Others ◇
Muffler bush genuine exchange
Mission mount genuine exchange
Door mall genuine replacement
Power window 4 locations inspection
Booster vacuum hose genuine exchange