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Stock No.BNR32-KANSAIサービス製作/ジェントルチューン/440PS


170535 km
Gun Gray Metallic


The car that will be introduced this time
Introducing the prestigious Kansai service tuning & maintenance engine full strengthening & total fine tuning 440PS vehicle.
Although the car is a long distance, maintenance is also carried out exactly, and it is a vehicle recommended for total superb conditions such as interior and exterior as well as engine related.
The engine is a new block that uses a forged piston, etc., and a balance handle assembly specification. The HKSGT-SS turbine is very easy and fast to ride with the current vehicle setting high response.
The drive, suspension and brakes are also well balanced.
Other air-conditioning, bushes, body reinforcement, etc. are also being constructed, so you can discuss with confidence.

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Vehicle Information
◇ ◆ ◇ Car details & modification details ◇ ◆ ◇
□ ☆ ★ ☆ Details of the car ☆ ★ ☆ □

Year 1992
Car name Skyline GT-R
Grade STD
Color gang gray metallic
Travel 170535KM
Maintenance notebook record book, warranty card, manual, main key & spare complete

□ ☆ ★ ☆ Details of remodeling ☆ ★ ☆ □

☆ Details of remodeling ☆
Engine related
Genuine new product STD cylinder block
Genuine new crankshaft
HKS 86 forged piston KIT STEP2
HKS H section connecting rod
NISMO Reinforced crank and connecting rod metal
N1 OIL pump
N1 water pump
Kansai service oil pan baffle plate
HKS metal head gasket
Valve seat cut
Head Surface Research
Port step correction
HKS reinforced head bolt
HKS reinforced valve spring
HKS STEP1 camshaft (IN / EX264)
HKS slide cam pulley
HKS reinforced timing belt
NISMO intake collector
Billion Low Temp Thermo Stud (71 ° C)
NISMO OIL separator

Turbine related
HKS GT-SS Sports Turbine KIT

Fuel related
NISMO fuel pump
Battery direct power harness processing
Kansai Service Intake Collector

☆ Cooling related ☆
Kansai service oil cooler
BLITZ Racing radiator type Zs
HKS Intercooler Piping KIT

☆ Intake and exhaust related ☆
HKS Super Power Flow Air Chest
HKS SUS front pipe
HKS Metal Catalyzer
HKS hyper silent muffler

☆ Body relations ☆
TANAKA Auto door spot opening construction
NISMO front tower bar (with brake stopper)
Kansai Service Mission Member Color
NISMO reinforced steering gear mount
Kansai Service Loa Breath Bar

☆ Driving relations and undercarriage ☆
EXEDY Carbon Twin Plate Clutch
Nissan genuine transmission assembly
NISMO Fr upper arm
In front of NISMO Rr upper arm
After NISMO Rr upper arm
NISMO Rr lower arm
CUSCO pillow tension rod
Rear high cast cancel rod
TEIN harmonic drive

☆ Brake related ☆
BNR34 N1 brake master
BNR34 Front and rear Brembo calipers
Juratec caliper support
V36 rotor
・ Fr355 rotor
・ Rr350 rotor
NISMO Stainless mesh brake line

☆ Exterior related ☆
Car shop F1 carbon bonnet
Carbon food top mall
RS Takagi Carbon GT under lip
Kansai service tow hook
Kansai Service Interface Hyper Mirror
NISMO Front bumper air duct
NISMO type side shell cover
Quest Japan Full LED tail & back lamp
Quest Japan LED front blinker
RAYS VOLK CE28 18 inch 9.5J +15
Windshield Asahi Glass Cool Veil
Rear NISMO type Chibispo
N1 headlight (HID)

☆ Tire & Wheel ☆
NANKANG NS-2R 255-35-18
VOLK RACING CE28N 9.5J × 18 + 12

☆ Controller & CPU & Instrument related ☆
Kansai Service Current computer matching computer
Kansai Service Atessa ET-S Controller

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM white meter
NISMO white triple meter
Diffie Link Advanced Control Unit
Defi boost meter
Defi thermometer
Defi oil thermometer
Defi hydraulic gauge
HKS turbo timer

Electrical related
ADVANCE Black Alternator
Air conditioner relocation kit for TANAKA Auto R33GT-R
Pannthera Z302 / V security

☆ Interior relations ☆
Carrozzeria effortless navigation AVIC-HRZ990
Panasonic ETC
NISMO floor mat
NISMO carbon shift knob
Shift & side brake Alcantara style boots
RECARO SP-G bucket seat
BCNR33GT-R Genuine passenger seat