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Stock No.BNR32-2.7L engine with R34 N1 turbine!

Nissan Skyline GT-R

64,912KM (actual mileage)
Gun Metallic 


RB2.7L! BNR32 Skyline GT-R! Excellent modifications!
With actual mileage of 64,000 KM! Turbo output 540PS is available for export.
The car has a fully overhauled engine and was driven only 5,000 KM after new overhaul and new installations.It has a very complete specification with a forged piston and a full counter crank incorporated in the H section.
In addition, due to the engine related, cooling, driving, braking, etc. are all finished with high spec parts, so it is one that you can enjoy circuit driving with confidence.
For more details please refer to complete list of modifications.

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Vehicle Information
Car Specifications & modification description

General Information

Year : 1992
Model: Nissan Skyline GT-R
Mileage: 64,912 KM (actual mileage)
Color: Gun Metallic
Complete set of maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual

- List of Modifications -

☆Engine specific modifications☆
Cylinder boring with the dummy head and Cylinder honing completed
TOMEI 87Φ forged piston
FORGED H-BEAM connecting rod
APEX full counter crankshaft
Nismo Reinforced Engine Metal
REINIK reinforced OIL pump
N1 water pump
Larger capacity Oil Pan & Baffles
Cylinder head, combustion chamber processing, capacity matching, IN/EX port expansion completed
TOMEI reinforced valve spring
Phosphor bronze valve guide replacement
TOMEI slide cam sprocket
TRUST reinforced timing belt
TRUST Clear tie bell cover
Engine mount for BNR34
NISMO aluminum OIL filler cap
Aluminum OIL catch tank

☆Turbine specific modifications☆
BNR34 N1 turbine
Reinforced actuator for N1

☆Fuel specific modifications☆
NISMO fuel pump
TRUST fuel delivery
SARD 7200CC fuel injector
SARD Fuel Regulator
Aluminum collector tank

☆Intake and exhaust specific modifications☆
TRUST Suction pipe SET
TRUST air cleaner
Air flowless adapter pipe
TRUST Racing blow-off valve
Isometric stainless steel front pipe
Amuse R1 titanium muffler

☆Cooling specific modifications☆
TRUST 3-layer intercooler
TRUST suction pipe
TRUST intercooler pipe
TRUST element movable OIL cooler
TRUST Aluminum radiator
Aluminum air reservoir tank
SAMCO silicone hose
Carbon baffle

☆Drive and suspension modifications☆
OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
QUANTUM harmonic drive KIT
Front upper arm
IKEYA FOMURA Fr Roll Center Adjuster Lower Arm SET
Reinforced tie rod & tie rod end
Front and rear strengthening stabilizer
Rear member full rigid processing
Rear lower arm pillow strike change
Adjustable rear upper arm (front)
Adjustable rear upper link (rear)
High cast cell rod

☆Controller & CPU modification☆
HKS EVC3 boost controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO current car match

☆ Electrical components modification☆
HKS twin power
HKS water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, boost gauge

☆ Car Body components modification☆
Kansai Service Front Tower Bar
Kansai Service Rear Tower Bar
Kansai service SET before and after stainless steel lower brace bar

☆Brake components modification☆
Alcon Fr6POT caliper
Alcon Rr4POT caliper
Stainless mesh brake line
Aluminum brake baffle
BNR34 Brake master cylinder
ABS removal N1 brake line

☆Exterior components modification☆
NISMO front bumper duct
NISMO bonnet food top mall
NISMO type side mat guard
NISMO N1 headlight
Abflug front carbon under dephasor
Carbon aero mirror
VOLK RACING TE37 10.5J×18+15
POTENZA RE71R 245-40-18

☆Interior components modification☆
RECARO SPG full bucket seat
NARDI steering
NISMO shift knob
Carrozzeria CD audio