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Stock No.1997BCNR33GT-R/Midnight P/HKS2.8-T51R SPL

☆1997 R33GT-R! HKS2.8STEP3 & T51R SPL BB & HKS 6 speed & LINK!

Midnight Purple


The car we would like to introduce this time is 1997 late model BCNR33 Skyline GT-R Midnight Purple HKS 2.8STEP with T51R SPL BB and LINK G4. Current car setting Measured 724.7PS (Roller conversion over 830PS car).
The car is a one-owner vehicle that has been carefully owned for many years without any repair history. When we received it, we replaced and reset the fuel and control systems.
The SARD STACK meter was installed immediately after purchasing a new car and the RACE PACK was installed when the specifications were changed. The total distance of the vehicle is less than 30,000 km. After the engine has been completely overhauled, less than 5,000 km were driven after production.
For those looking for a high power tuned vehicle, this is a recommended high tuned vehicle.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1997 model
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard car
Color: Midnight purple
Mileage: Unknown
No repair history
No vehicle inspection

Engine related
・Forged 87Φ22 pin piston
・H section 22 pin connector
・Forged machined 77.7 stroke full counter crankshaft
NISMO Reinforced bearings
TOMEI block stud bolt
TOMEI head bolt stud
N1 (24U) cylinder block
Block correction surface grinding & dummy head boring & deburring & sand removal, cement reinforcement
HKS STEP3 head system (STEP3 IN/OUT 280 camshaft & reinforced valve spring, lifter set)
HKS slide cam sprocket
Head, combustion chamber processing, squish cut, IN/EX port magnifying mirror surface processing, valve guide replacement
Water jacket expansion bypass processing
ATI crank damper pulley
N1 Water pump
Enhanced OIL pump
TRUST large capacity oil pan
ENDLESS BIG surge tank
Infinity Q45 90Φ throttle

Turbine related
HKS T51R SPL BB turbine
HKS stainless steel exhaust manifold
HKS waste gate

Fuel related
SARD 275L in-tank fuel pump
SARD collector tank
SARD 295L x 2 collector tank

Intake and exhaust
HKS super power flow air cleaner
one-off suction pipe
one-off front pipe
AUTO STAFF full titanium muffler

Cooling related
ARC side turn type aluminum 3-layer radiator
SAMCO silicon radiator hose
HKS 3-layer intercooler
SETRAB oil cooler

Driveline and undercarriage
HKS Ver2 Dog 6-speed mission
OS Giken triple plate clutch
Quantum coilover TRIAL Ver
GET adjustable front upper arm
Cusco pillow tension rod
CUSCO rear upper arm
CUSCO drag rod
Rear member rigid color

Body related
BNR34GT-R front tower bar

Brake related
AP RACING 6POT (CP4098) caliper
AP RACING 355Φ brake rotor
Stainless mesh brake line

Instrument related
RACE PACK IQ3 dash logger meter
AEM A/F meter
HKS fuel meter
NISMO triple meter

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC7 boost controller
LINK G4 ECU current car setting

Exterior related
NISMO front lip spoiler & under diffuser
N1 Hood Top Mall
N1 front bumper duct
Genuine OP rear mud guard
Clear front turn signal
Side turn smoke lens

Tire & wheel
Yokohama ADVAN TC-4 18x10.5J +15
Michelin PS4 265/35R18

Interior related
RECARO SPG bucket seat
NISMO seat cover
NARDI deep cone steering
Rafix quick release BOSS