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Stock No.BCNR33- Late 1997 Midnight Purple/Vehicle Field's current car setting/vehicle undergoing a lot of maintenance 

☆BCNR33GT-R! Late 1997! Maintenance by Vehicle Field! Current car setting! Air intake/exhaust, cooling, driveline, braking! Total construction!

129,905 KM
Midnight Purple 


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1997 series 3 late model midnight purple BCNR33e.
After purchasing a 90,000 km vehicle in 2018, Vehicle Field provided full maintenance of the vehicle incorporating the latest parts, including intake and exhaust, driveline, cooling, braking and current vehicle settings. It is a car in excellent condition that has been constructed in total.
It is a car that is very clean not only for the engine, but also for the interior and exterior and it is very easy to drive.
For those who are looking for this specification, it is a recommended unit.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1997 model
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: Midnight purple
Mileage: 129,905 KM
No repair history
Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main key

Engine related
March 20, 2017 Timing belt tensioner idler
Cam oil seal/crank oil seal (F) cam cover packing replacement HKS reinforced timing belt
HKS timing belt (2nd time) Vehicle Field at 94,587 KM
HKS slide cam sprocket
N1 Water pump
Billion Super Thermostat (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Do-Luck Ignition enhancement harness (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Crank pulley new replacement (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Fuel filter replacement (May 2019 94,587 KM)
O2 sensor replacement (May 2019 94,587 KM)
HPI Turbo Outlet (October 2019)
Crank rear oil seal replacement (September 2020)
CUSCO OIL catch tank
TOMEI engine head cover painting & ornament & oil filler cap

Cooling related
TRUST TWR aluminum radiator
SARD silicone hose
TRUST 10-stage element mobile oil cooler
KTS aluminum intercooler piping KIT
Genuine radiator fan replacement (May 2019 94587KM)

Intake and exhaust
HKS Super Power Flow
FUJITSUBO equal length front pipe
SARD sports catalyzer
HKS Silent high power muffler

Driveline and undercarriage
ORC carbon twin plate clutch (September 2022)
HKS Hyper MAX III suspension
CUSCO tension rod
Cusco High Caster Canceller
Stabilizer bush replacement (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Clutch master O/H (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Clutch release O/H (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Clutch booster vacuum hose replacement (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Power steering oil leak repair (May 2019 94,587 KM)
Accumulator replacement (June 2020 106,147KM)
Atteser unit replacement (December 2022 112,967 KM)
Atesar hydraulic hose (December 2022 112,967 KM)

Brake related
DIXCEL TYPE-FS Front brake rotor (May 2019 94,587 KM)
DIXCEL TYPE-FS Rr brake rotor (May 2019 94,587 KM)
DIXCEL TYPE-Z brake pad (May 2019 94,587 KM)
ENDLESS Stainless mesh brake line
Cusco brake master stopper (May 2019 94,587 KM)

Instrument related
TRUST Sirius Unified Meter
TRUST additional sensor (water temperature)
TRUST Sirius Vision
TRUIST additional sensor (oil temperature/oil pressure)
HKS turbo timer

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC6iR boost controller
Vehicle Field current car setting dyno pack 474PS

Exterior related
NISMO front bumper
N1 Bonnet Hood Top Mall
N1 front bumper duct
Genuine OP rear mudguard
NISMO carbon tone rear wing flap cover
VOLK RACING TE37 limited black 18x9.5J +15

Interior related
NARDI Steering
Carrozzeria CD audio