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Stock No.BCNR33GT-R/Autech Ver 40th ANNIVERSARY/MINE'S VX-ROM Car with many dealer maintenance performed

Rare! 1 of 422 units! BCNR33 GT-R Autech Version! MINE'S VX-ROM! R35 Airflow! Dealer maintenance! Preventive maintenance completed vehicle!

Autech Ver 40th ANNIVERSARY
93,387 KM
Sonic Silver


The car we would like to introduce this time is a Skyline GT-R Autech version 40th ANNIVERSARY vehicle.
The car has two files worth of maintenance history at the dealer from when it was new until recently, making it a very well-maintained car.
In addition, in terms of engine-related parts, consumable parts, master cylinders for clutch, brakes, starter motor, alternators etc. have been replaced with new items. In addition, many proactive maintenances and replacements have been completed to ensure that you can continue to ride for a long time.
The engine setting is controlled by MINE’S VX-ROM using an R35 air flow meter.
It has specifications that make it very easy to ride, including the feeling of torque and response.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1998
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Autech version 40th ANNIVERSARY
Color: Sonic Silver
Mileage: 93,387 KM December 16, 2000 4,874KM Meter replaced Current meter 88,513 KM
Meter replacement record included
No repair history
Complete with maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, keyless key, GT-R key x 3
Maintenance history 2 files included

Maintenance history
March 14, 1998 583KM
August 22, 1998 2,272KM
November 25, 1998 2,884KM
January 14, 1999 3,126KM
February 24, 1999 3,399KM
April 14, 1999 3,662KM
July 10, 1999 3,834KM
December 19, 1999 4,031KM
April 2, 2000 4,282KM
July 22, 2000 4,522KM
December 16, 2000 4,874KM NISMO 320KM full scale meter replacement
June 9, 2001 559KM
December 19, 2001 1,192KM
May 30, 2002 1,669KM
December 24, 2002 2,289KM
June 8, 2003 2,793KM
December 20, 2003 3,561KM
May 26, 2004 4,224KM
December 22, 2004 5,724KM
July 27, 2005 6,327KM
December 20, 2005 6,924KM
February 23, 2006 7,214KM
December 24, 2006 8,201KM
June 1, 2007 8,572KM
January 18, 2008 9,282KM
July 30, 2008 10,117KM
January 7, 2009 10,424KM
March 22, 2009 13,710KM
February 4, 2010 26,208KM
December 17, 2010 30,379KM
February 5, 2011 30,936KM NISMO Sports Clutch SET
April 30, 2011 34,871KM
May 27, 2011 35,103KM
September 6, 2011 37,131KM
November 25, 2011 38,641KM
December 19, 2011 39,110KM
March 13, 2012 40,219KM
May 22, 2012 41,274KM
August 4, 2012 42,313KM
December 21, 2012 44,456KM
June 4, 2013 47,020KM
December 17, 2013 49,468KM
May 26, 2014 50,692KM
September 26, 2014 52,527KM
December 20, 2014 53,267KM
July 11, 2015 56,537KM
August 19, 2015 57,060KM
January 3, 2016 59,990KM
October 19, 2016 63,509KM
December 14, 2016 64,278KM
June 22, 2017 67,041KM
December 8, 2018 75,477KM
May 20, 2019 78,485KM
July 1, 2019 79,143KM
February 3, 2020 82,486KM
July 20, 2020 83,480KM
October 24, 2020 84,588KM Inmanium Metal GK Fuel Hose & Filter
November 3, 2020 84,599KM Throttle sensor
November 20, 2020 84,599KM
December 20, 2020 85,213KM NISMO timing belt, tensioner, idler, water pump, thermostat, radiator hose upper and lower & clamp SET, fan & coupling assembly for BNR34, crank oil seal replacement
February 14, 2021 85,561KM Starter motor Assy
February 20, 2021 85,634KM
February 26, 2021 85,634KM Alternator replacement
March 12, 2021 85,634KM
August 28, 2021 86,321KM Ventilation valve blow-by hose clamp
December 25, 2021 86,753KM
December 11, 2022 87,915KM Clutch master cylinder, clutch operating cylinder, brake master cylinder, intake manifold vacuum hose replacement
January 8, 2023 87,915KM Water pipe connector/injector seal related/intake manifold gasket/fuel hose/vacuum hose related replacement
June 3, 2023 88,372KM Solar radiation sensor replacement, air conditioner cleaning, clean filter, air conditioner gas refill

Engine related
Body normal
NISMO Reinforced Timing Belt December 20, 2020 Reference
NISMO collector tank
R35 GT-R Air flow meter
Power tractionless direct ignition coil KIT

Cooling related
KOYO brass 2-layer radiator
NISMO radiator cap
carbon cooling panel

Exhaust related
NISMO Verdina front pipe
NISMO Verdina Sports Catalyzer
NISMO Verdina muffler

Driveline and suspension related
NISMO sports clutch
NISMO reinforced clutch cover
NISMO lightweight flywheel
NISMO Teflon/stainless steel mesh clutch hose
BNR34GT-R M-SPEC Genuine shock & BESTEX suspension
NISMO tension rod

Brake related
Genuine caliper BNR34 gold paint
NISMO Teflon/stainless steel mesh brake hose

Electrical equipment
Do-Luck Digital G Sensor
MINE’S VX-ROM R35 airflow specification
OPTIMA yellow top battery

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full scale white meter
NISMO white triple meter
TRUST Intelligent Information Touch

Exterior related
NISMO rear spoiler
NISMO door protector
NISMO Fr under diffuser
QestJapan Rear LED tail processing
QestJapan front turn signal & side LED processing

Tires & wheels
MICHELIN Pilotsports4 245/40R18
BNR34GT-R genuine aluminum wheels

Interior related
Genuine OP carbon style meter panel
NISMO sports steering
BNR34GT-R V-SPEC Foot pedal & Footrest
Carbon style window switch panel left and right
Carbon air conditioner transplant panel KIT