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Stock No.BCNR33GT-R/Nur rebuilt Eg/GT-SS turbine V-PRO 440PS

☆Rare! BCNR33 GT-R! Equipped with Nur rebuilt engine! HKS GT-SS! V-PRO! Many refreshed parts!

100,867 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a 1995 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R equipped with a Nur rebuilt engine & HKS GT-SS Turbine V-PRO 440PS street specification.
The car was refreshed and tuned at the same time based on the street concept. The engine as well as the suspension, arms, bushings, etc., have been refreshed and strengthened making it a car that is in very good condition.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1995
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: White
Mileage: 100,867 KM, December 12 2001 34,906 KM NISMO 320KM meter replaced
Current meter 65,961 KM with replacement history Actual running car
No repair history
Main key/keyless/FORCE security

Engine related
NISMO meter 35040KM 30,921 KM after installation
BNR34 Nur N1(24U) rebuilt engine installed
IN/EX TOMEI metal gasket SET
MICRO-V reinforced belt
When installed, all water hoses and air regulators replaced
BILLION low temp thermostat
RH9 Hyper Alternator

Turbine related
HKS GT-SS Sports Turbine KIT
HKS reinforced actuator

Intake and exhaust related
BLITZ SUS POWER air cleaner
APEXi SUS front pipe
SARD metal catalyzer
Five dimensions BORDER304 muffler

Fuel related
RH9 large capacity fuel pump
Fuel reinforcement harness

Cooling related
TRUST TYPE-R intercooler
TRUST intercooler piping
TRUST TWR radiator

Driveline and suspension related
NISMO copper mix clutch
NISMO reinforced clutch cover
NISMO lightweight flywheel
NISMO front tension rod
NISMO front upper link bush
NISMO front third link bush
NISMO rear A arm
NISMO rear upper arm (front)
NISMO rear upper arm (rear)
NISMO rear axle bush
NISMO rear shock mount bush
OHLINS DFV car height kit

Controller & CPU
TRUST Profec-B Spec-2 Boost Controller
BILLION VFC PRO electric fan controller

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full scale meter
ULTRA auto turbo timer

Exterior related
NISMO front lip spoiler
NISMO under diffuser
Genuine OP N1 bumper duct
Genuine OP rear mudguard

Interior related
RECARO SR7F driver seat
MOMO Spider F1 Concept Steering
WorksBell Quick Release Boss
WorksBell Short Boss
Carrozzeria CD Audio