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Stock No.BCNR33-Deep Marine Blue/T517Z Turbine & OS Sequential MT/2.7L Specification 584PS

☆1995 model! BCNR33 GT-R! Deep marine blue! 2.7L specification! T517Z turbine! OS88 6-speed sequential M/T! 584PS!

88,955 KM
Deep Marine Blue


The car we will be introducing this time is a 1995 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R!
Rare deep marine blue! 2.7L specification! T517Z turbine 584PS! OS sequential!
We would like to introduce you to a later version with an outstanding level of perfection.
The car is in a rare color and has been completely finished including engine-related O/H and tuning, intake and exhaust, drive, cooling, braking, exterior and interior details.
It is a very clean car both inside and out, as well as in terms of its engine-related features, making it a highly recommended car for those who are looking for one. 

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1995
Vehicle Name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: Standard
Color: Deep Marine Blue
Mileage: 88,955 KM
No repair history

Engine related 584.3 71.9Kgm
TOMEI 87Φ forged piston KIT
Cylinder block dummy head boring, honing, deck surface correction and surface grinding
HKS V-CAM STEP1 camshaft
HKS STEP1 EX camshaft
TOMEI slide cam sprocket
REIMAX Throttle Refresh & Enhancement SET
NISMO intake collector tank
CUSCO OIL separator catch tank
ADVANCE reinforced 130A alternator
TRUST blow-off valve TYPE-R

Turbine related
TRUST T517-8CM Turbine KIT

TOMEI Full cast exhaust manifold
HPI turbo outlet pipe

Fuel related
NISMO large capacity fuel pump
TOMEI fuel delivery pipe
TOMEI Fuel Pressure Regulator
R35GT-R genuine injector

Cooling related
TRUST intercooler
HPI OIL cooler KIT
HPI aluminum radiator
TRUST aluminum breather tank

Intake and exhaust related
HPI MEGA MAX Air Cleaner
TRUST Complete Suction KIT
APEX GT front pipe
SARD Sports Catalyzer
REIMAX rear stainless steel muffler

Driveline and suspension related
OS88 6 speed I pattern sequential M/T
・OPTION3 1st speed 2.516, 2nd speed 1.865, 3rd speed 1.468, 4th speed 1.174, 5th speed 1.000, 6th speed 0.822
ATS carbon triple plate clutch
Enhanced disk increase transfer
NISMO Teflon mesh clutch line
GTR Magazine SPEC HKS Hyper MAX Vehicle Height Adjustment
IKEYA FOMULA Front upper link
IKEYA FOMULA Roll Center Adjuster Lower Arm KIT
IKEYA FOMULA tie rod end
NISMO Rr Upper Link SETPro
NISMO Rr suspension link A arm
TOMEI Hicas Rock II

Mount and bush/body reinforcement related
NISMO reinforced steering mount bush
NISMO reinforced differential mount bush
OKUYAMA Rr Tower Bar

Brake related
ENDLESS Front 6POT caliper
ENDLESS Front 355Φ brake rotor
Rear genuine BIG rotor KIT 350ΦDIXCEL brake rotor
Stainless mesh brake line

Controller & CPU & electrical equipment related
HKS EVC6iR boost controller
Do-Luck Torque Manager II

Instrument related
Defi SPORTS DISPLAY F dash logger monitor
NISMO triple meter
Air-Fuel Ratio Monitor

Exterior related
NISMO front bumper
N1 Front bumper duct
Abfrag front under spoiler
REAL FactroyM front wide fender
K-PARTS carbon bonnet
K-PARTS bonnet hood top mall
TOPSECRET Bonnet Damper
NISMO rear fender molding
OF side skirt
HASEMI SPORTS Rear side skirt
CarShop F1 carbon trunk
SARD GT Wing 015
SARD Air Blade
TOPSECRET Rear Under Diffuser PRO
CraftSquare carbon touring mirror
NISMO side turn smoke lens
front bumper crystal turn signal
Rear tail LED

Tires & wheels
POTENZA S001 275/35R18

Interior related
Carbon console panel, window switch panel, door inner handle cover
Rapfix quick release steering boss KIT
MOMO TUNER steering
RECARO RMS2700G Driver Bucket Seat
RECARO SR-7 GK100 passenger reclining bucket seat