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Stock No.BCNR33 V-SPEC/GT2530 & V-CAM Getrag 6 speed 2.7L specification/VARON Racing O/H production 2000KM

☆Rare! Late 1997 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC! 2.7L specification! GT2530 turbine & V-CAM! Getrag 6-speed! Approximately 2,000 km after new engine O/H production by VARON Racing! 

82,887 KM


The car we would like to introduce this time is a late 1997 BCNR33 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC with 2.7L specification, V-CAM, GT2530 and Getrag 6-speed 550PS!
The car is a 2-owner vehicle that has been maintained and tuned by VARON Racing and has all the documents (invoices) for daily maintenance and engine production.
This is an attractive car with many parts that are not available these days including the engine, suspension, brakes and especially the NISMO Getrag 6-speed KIT.

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Vehicle Information
Year: 1997
Car name: Skyline GT-R
Grade: V-SPEC
Color: white
Mileage: 82,887 KM Tampered car due to NISMO meter
Genuine meter and triple meter loading (genuine meter distance 1KM)
No repair history
Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty, instruction manual, main key, spare, trunk key
VIPER security

Engine related 
2018/6/8 Engine O/H and new production
Cylinder block dummy head boring
Cylinder top surface polishing
HKS Nickel plated forged piston 87Φ
Cylinder head head surface correction and polishing, intake brass guide separate replacement
Valve polishing, seat ring processing, EX port stepped polishing
HKS reinforced valve spring
Crankshaft bending correction
Connecting rod full flow processing
Parent and child metal metal matching set
HKS drag head metal gasket
TOMEI OIL pan baffle plate drilling process
Head bolt, crank cap bolt, crank pulley, sprocket replacement
HKS V-CAM STEP2 2016/5/30 
HKS EX STEP2 272°10.2mm camshaft
HKS slide cam sprocket EX side 2016/5/30
HKS Reinforced timing belt/tensioner/idler replacement
N1 water pump
N1 OIL pump
Genuine surge tank shot peening processing
HKS IN/EX manifold metal gasket
NISMO OIL separator
NISMO reinforced engine mount
Heater hose, seal, mesh hose, radiator hose, etc. 2016/5/30

Turbine related
HKS GT2530 Turbine KIT O/H implemented 2016/5/30 
HKS reinforced actuator replacement 2018/6/8
HKS Exhaust Extension KIT
Exhaust manifold enlargement processing

Fuel related
HKS reinforced fuel pump
SARD 600cc fuel injector
SARD fuel regulator

Intake and exhaust related
TRUST Greddy suction pipe KIT
HKS Metal Catalyzer 2014/3/31 67,500 KM
HKS silent power muffler
APEXi ECV muffler valve

Cooling related
HKS intercooler piping KIT
HKS Stype #12 OIL cooler KIT
Side flow aluminum 3-layer radiator
Defend carbon cooling panel

Drive and suspension related
Clutch master cylinder replacement 2018/6/8
NISMO GETRAG 6 speed T/M kit 2016/5/30
EXEDY Hyper Multi Metal Twin Plate Clutch 2016/5/30
Input shaft replacement for Getrag 2016/5/30
HKS Hyper MAXSP coilover 2014/3/31 67,500 KM
CUSCO Fr pillow ball tension rod 2014/3/31 67,500 KM
KSP Rear member rigid color 2014/3/31 67,500 KM

Brake related
BREMBO Front F50 brake caliper
RDD Front 355Φ brake rotor
Projectμ Rear SCR brake rotor
ENDLESS Brake pad
Stainless mesh brake line
A/S large capacity brake master cylinder

Controller & CPU
HKS EVC boost controller
HKS F-CON V-PRO Current car setting
E-TS Athesa Controller

Instrument related
NISMO 320KM full scale white meter genuine meter (1KM) available
NISMO white triple meter
Defi link meter

Exterior related
Genuine Nissan N1 front bumper duct
Genuine Nissan OP carbon intercooler air guide
Shift-Sports Aero Bonnet
GANADOR carbon aero mirror
NISMO carbon style pillar cover
A/S Devil rear wing flap/flap cover
carbon oil cooler duct
Genuine Nissan Front clear turn signal for Stagea 260RS
Genuine Nissan late BNR34 side clear turn signal
Rear tail LED

Tires & wheels

Interior related
RECARO SR4 Integra TYPE-R genuine seat left and right
Genuine OP aluminum scuff plate
SUPERIOR Carbon Shift Boots (for Getrag)
NISMO GT shift knob
Brake, clutch, footrest pedal for late BNR34
Carbon window switch panel
Carrozzeria AVIC-RZ09 Navigation/digital terrestrial/DVD/Bluetooth