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Stock No.BNR32GT-R/1994/Kasnai Service/LC Turbine

BNR32GT-R! Kansai Linear TB! Intake/exhaust, drive, cooling total tune!



We are pleased to introduce you to a fine tuned car that has been tuned and maintained by Kansai Service.
This is a fine tuned vehicle that has been tuned and maintained by Kansai Service.
The car is equipped with a stock engine, a Kansai original linear charge turbine, a radiator, oil cooler, etc., and boost up + α to enjoy stable and sporty driving.
The suspension, drivetrain, and brakes have all been totally customized.
The car has been driven very well and has been carefully cared for up to the present.
Please take a look at the details of the car, its modifications, and a part of its maintenance history below.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model Year 1994
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade STD
Color White
Mileage 173465KM
Repair history: None
Inspection April 2023
Maintenance Manual, Record Book, Warranty, Manual, Main Logo Key, Spare Key
Hornet Security System

Maintenance records (partial)
Alternator replacement (at 76817km)
Air conditioner and compressor replaced (at 87524 km)
High pressure, low pressure and liquid tank replacement
Drive shaft boot replacement
Clutch pedal bushings replaced
Oil pump, oil pressure switch, sensor replaced (at 93386km)
Brake fluid replaced
Timing belt replaced (at 93435 km)
Water pump replaced
Pulley assembly replacement
Tensioner replacement
Transmission oil replaced
Differential oil replacement
Steering mount bushing replacement
Shift lever boot replaced (at 96715 km)
Shift cover gasket replaced
Control lever bushings replaced
Transfer control actuator replaced
Power steering hose replaced (at 97149 km)
Transmission oil replaced
Differential oil replaced
Transfer oil replaced
Brake fluid replaced
AC belt replaced
Puretron filter replaced
Intake duct hose replaced (at 100293 km)
Rocker cover gasket replaced (at 100899 km)
Steering gear boot replaced
Air flow meter replaced
Rear member collar replaced
Brake master cylinder replacement (at 12117KM)
Other maintenance records at HKS Kansai, dealers, and maintenance centers are available.

Engine related
BNR34 Genuine Oil Filler Cap
BNR34 Genuine Plug Cover Ornament
Engine Cam Cover Black Metallic Paint

Turbine Related
Kansai Service LC Turbine Kit
HKS Strengthened Actuator

Cooling System
HKS R Type Oil Cooler 
Kansai Service SPEC1 Radiator
NISMO Low Temp Thermo
SAMCO Silicone Radiator Hose
CALSONIC Radiator Cap

Intake & Exhaust
HKS Super Power Flow
HKS Front Pipe
HKS Hyper Muffler

Drivetrain and Suspension
HKS GD Maxx Twin Plate Clutch
HKS Hypermax PRO coilovers
NISMO Circuit Link Set
-Upper Link Bracket
-Transverse Link
NISMO Rear Upper Link
Kansai Service Pillow Tension Rod
Kansai Service Rear Member Rigid Collar

Body Related
CUSCO Front Tower Bar
Kansai Service Rear Tower Bar
KANSAI SERVICE Lower Breathing Bar Set

Brake Related
BREMBO F40 Front Brake Caliper
355Ф 2 Piece Front Brake Rotor
BCNR33 GT-R Stock Rear BREMBO Caliper

Kansai Service, CPU for current car setting
HKS EVC5 Boost Controller
HKS Boost Gauge
HKS Turbo Timer
Autgage Water temp, oil temp, oil pressure, in stock 3 gauges

Wheels & Tires
VOLK RACING TE37SL 9.5J x 18+22
FEDERAL SS595 255/35R18 New

NISMO Bumper Duct
NISMO Hood Top Molding
NISMO Rear Wing
HKS Kansai Blue Mirrors
Stock OP Rear Illumination Garnish

Stock OP Puretron Air Purifier
BNR34 Latter term GT-R Genuine 4 pieces pedal set
KENWOOD CD audio system
Drive Recorder
HKS Floor Mat