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Stock No.Rare 1 Owner! BNR32 GT-R! 20,000KM

BNR32 GT-R! 20,000KM! Jet Silver!

KG1 Jet Silver


I am pleased to introduce to you a car...
Rare! 1990, 1 owner, actual mileage 20,000KM, no repair history, fully original car.
It is an early model with a rare body color (Jet Silver Metallic).
It is a new 1-owner car, and both the engine and interior/exterior are in very good condition.
Especially, the interior is kept in black condition with almost no fading of the seats, etc.
The amount of sealing and undercoating applied to the body of early models from 1989 and 1990 is completely different from that of later models, and the finish is almost handcrafted, making it easy to keep in good condition.
Also, as mentioned below, engine maintenance has been performed at the time of arrival, so please consider this car with peace of mind.

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Vehicle Information
Year Model year 1990
Vehicle Name Skyline GT-R
Grade Standard model
Color KG1 Jet Silver Metallic
Mileage 20551KM
Repair history No
1 Owner
Complete with owner's manual and maintenance booklet

June 9, 2022 20551KM (Incoming inspection)
Timing belt, tensioner, idler, water pump, thermostat
Head cover packing, head cover washer, grommets, cam OIL seal, crank OIL seal, 3 fan belts replaced