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Stock No.BNR34-フロントロウ製作/HKS2.8L&T517Zタービン/実測678PS


69200 km (43000 mi)


Only rebuilt just 1500 km ago with the HKS 2.8L Stroker kit, port and polished, and reinforced from the bottom, up. This 1999 R34 GT-R, in white, is adorned with a NISMO front bumper, Ganador mirrors, and Volk Racing TE37SLs and looks great all-around.
A grand performer, that's balanced, and responsive in any kind of driving, is tuned to a cool 670 HP.

Quickly spooling up to that power, thanks to the Trust T517Z turbine, and delivering that power through its rebuilt transmission with NISMO twin-plate clutch, upgraded differentials, and down to the ground through Potenza RE71Rs, this R34 is pure performance!

Included: Maintenance notebook, record book, warranty card, instruction manual, main key, spare key x 2 &middot; keyless complete

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Vehicle Information
☆ ★ ☆ Upgrade Details ☆ ★ ☆
☆ Engine related ☆
Newly rebuilt less than 2000 km ago (including 1000 km break-in)
HKS 2.8L Stroker KIT
&middot; 87 mm Forged Pistons
&middot; H cross section connecting rods
&middot; Forged fully balanced crankshaft
Cylinder head boring
Crank balance and weight adjustment
N1 Connecting Rod and Crank Bearings
TRUST High capacity OIL pan
Cylinder head porting, combustion chamber boring
HKS Stage 2 Intake and Exhaust 264 degree 10.0 lift Camshafts
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
TRUST Performance Timing Belt
JUN Valve Guide Replacement (phosphor bronze)
HKS Reinforced Valve Springs
TOMEI Upgraded Head Bolts
Head Water Jacket Enlargement
REIMAX Upgraded OIL pump
N1 Water Pump
HKS Fine Tune Belt
NISMO Upgraded Engine Mount
Aluminum OIL catch tank
☆ Turbo Related ☆
TRUST T517Z 10CM Turbine
TRUST reinforced actuator
TOMEI turbo outlet pipe
☆ Intake and exhaust ☆
HKS Super Power Flow Air Filter
TRUST front pipe
TOMEI Full Titanium Muffler
☆ Cooling ☆
SARD Aluminum 3-layer Radiator
TRUST 3-layer Intercooler
TRUST Intercooler Piping
HKS Oil Cooler KIT #12
☆ Fuel System ☆
NISMO High Capacity Fuel Pump (Inttank 2 units)
SARD 1000cc Injectors
HKS Fuel Rail
SARD Fuel Regulator
☆ Drivetrain and Suspension ☆
NISMO Copper MIX Twin Plate Clutch
Transmission Overhaul
CUSCO Rear LSD Rebuild
OEM Front LSD Rebuild
Final Gear Ratio 4.1
Rear Subframe Reinforcement
Rear Arm Pillow Mmounts
Rear Shock Lower Pillow Mounts
☆ Brake ☆
AP RACING OUTLAW PRO5000R 6 Piston Calipers
BNR34 V-SPEC II Rear Calipers
RDD Rear Slotted Rotors
APP Stainless Mesh Brake Lines
CUSCO Master Cylinder Stopper
☆ Controller & CPU ☆
TRUST Profec B-SPEC II Boost Controller
☆ Exterior ☆
NISMO Front bumper
-Side Skirts
-Rear Under Spoiler
-Front Clear Turn Signals
-Side Marker Clear Lenses
GANADOR Aero mirrors
☆ Tires & Wheels ☆
POTENZA RE71R 265-35-18
VOLKRACING TE37SL 10.5J×18 +15
☆ Interior ☆
RECARO SPG Bucket Seat
TAKATA 4-Point Harness
ADDEST MAX750HD HDD navigation