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Skyline GT-R HKS2.8KIT&T88-38GK&MoTeC

KR4 Sonic Silver


The car we would like to introduce to you this time is...
Tuned by the famous Jing! Ultimate perfection BCNR33 Skyline GT-R V-SPEC
HKS 2.8KIT & T88-38GK MoTeC controlled Classen-less 780PS vehicle.
The car is one of the top level cars manufactured by Jing, and was recently finished in 2009 with engine, turbine, CPU, etc. The above alone cost approximately 9 million yen.
In addition, it is a total tuning vehicle including drive, braking, cooling, exterior, and interior.
The interior panels, console, controller, etc. were refurbished last year, and the exterior has been completely refurbished with new headlights on both sides.
The following is a detailed description of the car, but due to the huge amount of information, we will only list a few excerpts.

Vehicle Information
Year Model year 1996
Vehicle name Skyline GT-R
Grade V-SPEC
Color KR4 Sonic Silver
Mileage 82716KM 
September 6, 1996 Meter replaced at 14KM, record available, current meter 82702KM
No restoration
Inspection April 2022
Complete with maintenance manual, record book, warranty card, and instruction manual
R33 main key & R35 GT-R genuine remote control key
Complete Jing Tuning Details

Engine related
HKS 2.8 Step II KIT
HKS 87Φ forged pistons
HKS H-section connecting rods
HKS forged full counter 77.7 crank
24U N1 cylinder block & Cerakote
Block Boring & platohoning with dummy head
Block Water-hole machining 
Block top surface surface modification
TOMEI head stud bolts
TOMEI Main Stud Bolts
TOMEI UMEDA Reinforced Oil Pump
NISMO Main Metal
NISMO Main Center Metal
NISMO Connecting Rod Metal
Cylinder head head surface grinding, seat rings, isos, seat cutting
IN valve/EX valve face modification
Combustion chamber full circle processing
Gr'A IN288 EX280 Camshaft
Gr'A A retainer
Gr'A A valve spring
TOMEI Valve Lifter
HKS Slide cam sprocket
HKS FINETUNE reinforced timing belt
Cam x2 Lifter x24 WPC+Mos2 modification
HKS drag head set
TRSUT high capacity OIL pan
NISMO Collector Tank
Cam Covers, Timing Covers, Plug Covers, Collectors, Cerakote
Jing original timing cover
Cerakote clear paint specification
REINIK center ornament
ATI Damper Crank Pulley
TRUST Power steering aluminum lightweight pulley
TRUST Fan Aluminum Lightweight Pulley
RH9 reinforced alternator
Jing Original Voltage Ignition Tuning
TRUST Racing blow-off valve
AUTO STAFF OIL catch tank

TRUST T88-38GK Full Turbine KIT
EX manifold reinforcement stays & Cerakote
TRUST TYPE-C wastegate
TRUST Front Pipe Cerakote

ASNU 900 fuel injectors
HKS fuel delivery pipe
GCG TURBOSMART FPR-2000 fuel regulator
SARD 265L/h fuel pump x 2
SARD Jet pump killer
SARD 5L collector tank

Intake and Exhaust
Jing original titanium suction pipe
HKS Super Power Flow Reloaded
SARD sports catalyzer
MIDORI Silent High Power NR full titanium muffler

DRL Aluminum Radiator
Reservoir tank
SAMCO Silicone Hose
ARC Titanium cooling panel
HKS Intercooler
HKS intercooler piping
TRUST OIL cooler

Drivetrain and Suspension
OS Giken 3-speed cross M/T
ORC triple plate clutch 1000F
Kansai Service Rigid Transmission Mount
Rear member rigid collar
ARAGOSTA Ride Height Adjustment Kit
Kansai Service Strengthened Tie Rods & Roll Center Adapter
CUSCO Pillow Tension Rod
CUSCO Rear Upper Arm
ARC pipe sway bar 

ENDLESS 370Φ brake rotors
ENDLESD 332Φ brake rotors
ENDLESS Stainless steel mesh brake lines
ENDLESS F&R brake pads

Body Related
ARC Titanium Tower Bar
Rear 5-point roll bar
Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar

Defi link meter
Oil temperature gauge
Oil pressure gauge
Water temperature gauge
Boost Gauge
Fuel pressure gauge
Exhaust Temp.
NISMO 320KM full scale white meter with replacement record
NISMO Triple White Meter

MoTeC M800 Standard
MoTeC M800 single lambda option
MoTeC M800 1MB logger option
MoTeC Cam Controller Option
MoTeC M800/M84 Harness & Sensor SET
Wideband LSU lambda sensor 6-pole
GRIDE Atesa (E-TS) Digital G Sensor

NISMO Front Bumper
NSIMO Front Under Spoiler II
NISMO Front Undercover
N1 Front Bumper Duct
N1 Hood top molding
RIAL FACTROY M Front wide fender
TOPSECRET side diffuser
TOPSECRET Rear Mudguard
TOPSECRET carbon rear diffuser
TOPSECRET Rear Carbon Vortex Generator
NISMO Rear Fender Cover
NISMO Carbon 2-stage Rear Wing Flap
NISMO Carbon Center Pillar Cover
NISMO Carbon Fiber Rear Wing Flap Cover
GANADOR Aero Mirror

New door panels (left and right) and BRIDE upholstery
Rear side left/right BRIDE reupholstery
BRIDE VIOS III carbon amirad bucket seats (left and right)
TAKATA 4-point harness
NARDI Classic Steering Wheel
RAPFIX GTC tilt-up boss
ROBSON Shift Boot, Side Lever, Side Lever Cover
Carbon transfer 
Center panel, shift panel, door switch panel, center console lid
Dashboard ducts, air conditioner ventilators, door pockets, door inner handles
Side step scuff plates
KARO floor mats
NISMO Titanium Shift Knob